Middle East at war: King Abdullah speaks

BBC News has a good, frank, TV interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan in which he reflects on an unstable Middle East. To summarise:

“King Abdullah of Jordan, in a BBC interview, said the international community had shown only piecemeal ways of dealing with the Middle East and had no overall strategy.”

See here for more.

I suspect the recent U.N. draft resolution to end the crisis and bring about a ceasefire was deliberately in favour of Israel – it allows a second resolution with greater balance to be drafted giving the appearance that Israel has backed-down to local political pressure. Also important is that now the Lebonese are apparently being representated at the table, something I think was missing during the original text drafting.

It’s a messy business, international diplomacy. People’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. What does not help are the “interests in the background” that inevitably lead to “you scatch my back, I’ll scratch yours” scenarios.