My First eBay-ing

So I decided that the cheap 18-55mm kit lens Canon supplies with the EOS 350D SLR should be replaced by something of a higher quality. Part of that decision came from seeing the lens on eBay selling for around £20.

I never spend anything substantial (> £30) without looking carefully at it, particularly when there’s more money at stake. I checked out the photography review sites and forums and found general agreement that the Sigma 17-70mm macro was a bargan for the £250 price (roughly).

Jessops had it in-shop for £279.99. Too much. Their on-line store had it for £259.99, in the right direction. A search of Google’s Froogle engine showed prices in the range £210-£250 common, cheapest being eBay sellers.

So after giving up bidding on one of these lenses going insanely cheap (was £110 ended up £185) I decided to buy another copy (same seller) for £191 + £10 delivery. I bought the Sunday evening (bank holiday), and it arrived the following Wednesday. That’s a quick bargain in my book.

I also bought a filter, a Hoya Pro 1D Circular Polarizer. List price: £129, paid: £34.99 plus around £10 postage. This arrived the Thursday.

I used both the following Saturday afternoon and the images turned out well. Can’t really argue, but bear in mind both seller’s had > 99% seller ratings and I paid via PayPal on my credit card. I advise anyone thinking of a purchase of any real value to take the precautions eBay recommends.

But, I approve.