When is a coat, not a coat?

I set out today to get three things done. The first, a haircut, not a problem. The second, look for coats, became complicated thus I left to do more research. The third, get a UV filter for my new Sigma 105mm macro lens, which I forgot to do due to other distractions in Jessops leaving my buying absolutely nothing bar my barber’s time.

This afternoon I sat down to watch Tamworth FC play Norwich City FC hoping the much publicised “banana-skin” event wouldn’t materialise. It didn’t, and so I settled down to mother Google and asked it for some coats to compare.

About fours later and I now know that a coat really isn’t a coat any more. Indeed, for a bloke who’s oudoor life generally consists of walking to the car and back, the outdoor web sites really aren’t helpful. Instead of “keeps you warm outside, lets your breathe while inside” I am hit by a bewildering array of brand names and technical jargon. Some sites even have explanation pages which are in truth not particularly enlightening either.

I set out with the intention of around £80 budget. It seems though that for a good quality coat / jacket for all-year use I may need both a fleece and a jacket. So I thought may be spent a little more, but use one or the other based on the weather. Then I see the “BERGHAUS QUAD 4 WAY WATERPROOF JACKET.” The what-a-whater? That’s right a quad 4-way jacket. Sounds a bit like those cosmetics advertisements with fancy technical terms that mean absolutely nothing.

Well, I now know that Millets and Blacks are in fact the same, and other than in the sales both appear to sell goods at their full retail value. A quick check reveals the super-duper jacket at a significant discount elsewhere. Perhaps I should check it at my local store then buy online? I think considering the cost, that may be wise…