Normal Bloke’s Identity Stolen

A colleague of mine recently received an email from his bank (genuine for once) thanking him for updating his card password.

Which he felt was strange because he hadn’t.

He called his bank and the automated line told him his balance was over GBP2,000. He then got through to a human who said it was under GBP200. The alarm was raised when the extra charges appeared to be on his card paying some financial institution my colleague had never heard of.

Anyway, the plot thickens.

A few days later this colleague of mine starts to realise how little postal mail he’s had. Not just him, the rest of the household too. So he spots the postman in the street and enquires.

“Yeah, well you were in the post office the other day getting it stopped, weren’t you?”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Oh shit,” The postman said as he got out his mobile and dialled the office to raise the alarm.

Apparently someone had just turned up to the local branch and ordered a hold on the mail to his address. The post office quite rightly has informed the police.

Amazingly, the next day my colleague gets some post. But it’s a little strange, because it’s some newsletter from the local church and, well, they don’t send out stuff to him. Conclusion? His identity has been stolen and the fraudster is collecting any new bank cards, replacing the genuine mail with fakes.

Now the next part of this is somewhat more personal. A week or two ago I booked tickets online to see the new Batman film but I couldn’t remember my Visa card password. So I clicked the forgotten password and was prompted for my date of birth and card expiry date, easy enough to remember/find out. Then I needed to set a new password.

And that was it. No security checks. No email to confirm the action by clicking the link within, no phone call to confirm intent, nothing.

Hardly any wonder people are now complaining that this lackluster security measure is being forced upon them.


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