The car in front is a Nissan

No, it is not a Toyota, despite what their marketing materials may claim.

I made an observation late that week. I am often driving along single carriageway roads to and from work. The UK’s road speed limit for such out of town roads is usually 60mph. Often, I am in a queue of vehicles traveling at less than this speed. Why am I “held up”?

It seems common that the car in front of everyone, with only the open road ahead of itself, is a Nissan Micra. What is it about their drivers I wonder? I refuse to believe Nissan manufacturer their cars with an automatic “drive slower than conditions allow” computer on board. I wonder whether they are statistically less likely to be involved in a road traffic crash of some nature?

If you own a Nissan Micra, do me a favour. Please examine your rear view mirror at an increased frequency and note that when you have more than three vehicles apparently sitting under your bumper, you should take a look at increasing speed to nearer the limit (where conditions allow, sensibly). Thanks!


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