Spying on your neighbour

Can this really be legal?

Today I heard of the case where someone had planted a small microphone in their side of a hedge, wired to speakers inside their house, for the purposes of listing to everything their neighbours say in their back garden.

Obviously, upon discovering the listening device, the neighbours being bugged called in the police who allegedly stated that the size of the microphone was so small they were powerless to stop it. I understand the bugged are now forced to avoid their back garden when conversing.

I am led to believe that the apparent bugging is one weapon designed to make the neighbour’s life hell and force them to move out. The source who tells me this says the bug owner has successfully forced one householder out of their house and into the old people’s retirement home across the road.

I have no idea why this person or these people are doing what they are alleged to have done. I am told they want to clear out the locals they personally dislike. I suspect there is a great deal more to this.

But the principal remains that a person should be able to enjoy conversing on their own land without fear of being permanently bugged. Surely such an instance falls foul of our (UK) privacy, harassment or even telecommunications laws?


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