Karcher K294MD Pressure Washer

Decided the car really needs a clean. As does my girlfriend’s. The good old bucket and sponge may be cheap and cheerful but fun it is not.

And so after reviewing various resources about pressure washers, went to Argos and brought home a Karcher K294M Delux unit, feeling £99.99 poorer as a result.

I assembled the machine yesterday afternoon and discovered two screws that no only required a start type driver bit but also an extension that they fit deep within the pastic mould.

One further problem. The British weather wasn’t “Sunny with occassional showers” it was in fact “heavy cloud with frequent showers” and as a result I couldn’t test the bloody thing. I returned to it this afternoon to fit the screws properly only to find one had gone walkies. Still I at least managed to power it on and use the variable power lance. Seems to work OK.

One problem I did spot was that our outside tap, despite it being connected to the mains supply, only gave me almost eight litres per minute. This model requires eight litres per minute so hopefully the motor won’t burn out prematurely, but the K380 model I was considering turns out to need ten litres per minute. Make sure you time how long it takes to fill a ten litre bucket with water FROM THE HOSE as a sensible test before you buy of of these things!

And the cars STILL need washing…


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