Jungle Disk Monitor

Decided to check out Amazon S3 and it’s practical uses first. This is Jungle Disk.

Jungle Disk is like traditional software in that it is downloaded and run by your desktop computer. It gives a point-and-click interface to select which files and folders to back up and over what schedule (if any). The above screenshot was taken during an (easy-peesy) initial backup of my Documents folder in version 2.02

There are a number of tweaks too such as bandwidth limiting.

Interestingly, you can also “mount” the S3 service as a disk drive. In the above picture I can double-click the JungleDisk icon on the desktop and open my S3 storage account within Mac OS X Finder.

Jungle Disk is available for Linux, too. Which means it will handle a mounted connection to S3 for your servers. Think of the possibilities…


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  1. […] Updated 2225BST: WordPress.com has broken images due to this, as does Twitter. Amazon report progress toward full restoration of service with internal network communications slowly coming to life. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Jungle Disk Monitor […]

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