TinyMCE and Scriptaculous – Grr

Thought I’d post this as a reminder, having spent an hour staring at web page source code wondering why TinyMCE wasn’t turning my textarea in a full editor for non-technical staff to use.

It seems that if you use Scriptaculous on the same page, TinyMCE must come first in your ordering of script tags, else you get a lovely weird error:

Error: tinyMCE.baseURL has no properties...

Useful. I very nearly chucked something at my TFT screen after that.


4 Responses

  1. Wow! Thanks alot! I was just fighting this stupid error myself! Who coult even think the problem is in the order in which you include these two libs!! Yikes!!

    Thanks again!

  2. OH MY GOD! You are my hero! Thank you sooo much.

  3. I didn’t receive that error, Scriptaculous just wouldn’t work in Firefox. I had to place the scriptaculous script tags just below the body tag, and it all worked fine together with TinyMCE in MSIE, Firefox and Safari on Windows.

  4. Thanks a lot!!! I really want to praise you for taking a minute to share this, you have saved me a lot of time and frustration 🙂

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