FireBug Beta Screencast

I’ve used FireBug earlier this year to debug some ajax that would have been a real pain otherwise. Now, a beta of the 1.0 release is out and it’s like ten times better. It’s been installed on three machines in the office and that could well increase.

Kudos to the programmers and to the Mozilla chaps who’s platform made it possible.

This FireBug screencast barely touches the surface. I suppose it’s enough though to cause reactions of “wow” which will lead on…

Pizza Hut, Great Yarmouth (A12)

Landscapers urgently sought.

View From Pizza Hut

The Christmas Party Picture

Was greeted by shrieks of surprise in the office when published. Too drunk to care..?



Aww, all Christmas-sy

It’s absurdly mild outside, but inside the decorations have us very much in season.


You Guys Really Like Glamour Photos

Wow. My pbase account has had 6,500 views since I put up my glamour photography pics that I took on my one-day course in Reading back in October.

Aquatic Plant Food – HOW much!?

So I’ve been trying to nurture the plants in my tropical aquarium and last Sunday ran out of plant food tablets. Went to Notcutts to grab some more. Previously I’ve just waived a tenner at them and got on with life.

This time however I noticed the charge – £6.95! For about ten tablets.

I think I’ll be finding a cheaper source from now on. Jeez.