A Day In London

So I’ve had two “appointments” in London today. One is with an IT supplier who wants to demonstrate some equipment; the other in our data centre collecting dead equipment for disposal.

It takes 3.5 hours to drive down to the datacentre in Dockloads where I park up.

I get the DLR from East India to Tower Gateway, then a short walk to Tower Bridge where I connect with the Circular line clockwise to Paddington. Then the Bakerloo Line up to Willesdon Junction. Time: Two hours, and I’m late for the appointment.

I hop back on to the south-bound train at Willesdon Junction and watch the last three(?) stations go past in reverse order, as expected. Then the next junction turns out to be Euston. Where did Paddington go? Kind lady staff member examines the ticket that won’t let me past the barriers explains I hadn’t caught a tube at all. What the..? Anyway, she lets me pass and I figure the Northern Line to Bank is best, connecting there on the DLR to East India. Time: Just over one hour return-leg.

Just how can it take two hours in one direction, yet just over one hour when you get the wrong train?

M11 on the way back had a nine mile tailback due to a crash. Why do they call them “accidents?” I heard one officer say they should be called crashes as practically all road traffic collisions can be avoided. They call them crashes in mainland Europe, apparently.

So I’m knackered.


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