Black Molly Fry

So having been in London all day yesterday, decided to feed my fish this evening. As I was finishing up, I noticed some new fry.


Clearly Black Mollys, of no real surprise. How long do think they’ll last with Keyhole Cichlids and Bolivian Rams as tankmates..?

A Day In London

So I’ve had two “appointments” in London today. One is with an IT supplier who wants to demonstrate some equipment; the other in our data centre collecting dead equipment for disposal.

It takes 3.5 hours to drive down to the datacentre in Dockloads where I park up.

I get the DLR from East India to Tower Gateway, then a short walk to Tower Bridge where I connect with the Circular line clockwise to Paddington. Then the Bakerloo Line up to Willesdon Junction. Time: Two hours, and I’m late for the appointment.

I hop back on to the south-bound train at Willesdon Junction and watch the last three(?) stations go past in reverse order, as expected. Then the next junction turns out to be Euston. Where did Paddington go? Kind lady staff member examines the ticket that won’t let me past the barriers explains I hadn’t caught a tube at all. What the..? Anyway, she lets me pass and I figure the Northern Line to Bank is best, connecting there on the DLR to East India. Time: Just over one hour return-leg.

Just how can it take two hours in one direction, yet just over one hour when you get the wrong train?

M11 on the way back had a nine mile tailback due to a crash. Why do they call them “accidents?” I heard one officer say they should be called crashes as practically all road traffic collisions can be avoided. They call them crashes in mainland Europe, apparently.

So I’m knackered.

Bolivian Rams

Recent arrivals. We think one’s male (right) and the other is female (left).


Bottom-left you can spot a Keyhole Cichlid taking a peek. I have more on my Flickr account.

Now that’s what I call exhaust

So late last week I decided to get my car checked out. My sister’s b/f works at a diesel engine specialist and so it made sense.

The problem? Lots of exhaust smoke when I pull away at low revs.

He slammed down on the accelerator and we pretty much filled the small forecourt with smelly black soot.

It was, however fixable. Rather than have a main dealer replace the entire exhaust with a brand new one, it appears there’s a crafty cheap fix. Apparently when the air pressure rises sufficiently a valve opens, causing a loop to form and exhaust fumes to go through the system twice. It the exhaust is very dirty this can cause plumes of black soot to be pushed through under pressure. So a small ball bearing was inserted into this valve to permanently close it.

Problem 90% fixed. It’s certainly faster and produces only a fraction of what it used to. Apparently it’s a common fix that they charge rediculous amounts for. I wasn’t charged.


Above the Law?

I want to do this. I’m feeling that pissed off about it.

I want to drive around a bit, with someone sitting in the seat behind armed with a video camcorder.

When I spot a police or ambulance vehicle, I’m going to drive behind them. And when, when they are clearly exceeding the speed limit (without blues and twos) I want to get them on tape.

And when I have enough footage to prove what we all suspect, I want to ask a few chief constables about double standards.

Don’t get me wrong, speed limits are there for a very good set of reasons and in an ideal world we’d all stick to them. So why don’t they?